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Thanksgiving, 2010

Written By: Bryan Didas on November 27, 2010 Filed In: Holidays

Thanksgiving 2010: We had a small gathering at our house this year, just the four of us, with Jared living in San Francisco now.


As we do every year, enjoy each others company, give thanks for the many blessings, remember those who have passed on, and share memories of previous years. We are truly blessed and have much to be thankful for.




Group Photo: Bryan, Jen, Josh, Nana


TG2010-2 11252010_4x6






The Feast


TG2010-1 11252010_4x6



After eating way too much good food and cleaning up from the preparation, its time to sit with the button on the pants open and relax.


Anyone ready for pie??

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Buying Experience, New Vehicle

Written By: Bryan Didas on April 8, 2010 Filed In: General

This is a little story about my recent experience purchasing a new vehicle. While buying a vehicle isn't really all that exciting, some of the events that took place, well made it another adventure.



My 1999 Ford Range has 180k+ miles on the odometer and was starting to bring unexpected costs. With an inspection upcoming that would require some serious work and a quantity of dollars on the underside, I knew it was time to start looking for another vehicle. I had been holding off until I absolutely had to do something, mainly because I didn't want another payment.


I began to look at pre owned vehicles and was thinking another Ranger or similar size pickup. I really like having a truck with 4 wheel drive, but I like having the smaller version that a Ranger gives me, easy to maneuver, slightly better gas mileage. I was basically looking at 4 makes, another Ford Ranger, Dodge Dakota, Toyota, and Chevy. This would give me as assortment to choose from.



As I began searching I was looking at inventory from all the major dealers in both the Richmond and Charlottesville areas. What I began to see was there wasn't a real large selection, and what I could find had a price tag that I thought fro pre owned was on the high side.

My searching went on for about a month I had even take a look at the inventory from CarMax with the same results. If I found a vehicle that met my requirements the price seemed to be high.


At some point during one of my visits to Richmond Ford (the dealer near where I work who had been taking care of my vehicles) I discussed with a sales person what I was looking for I also inquired about a new vehicle, figuring if the price of a new one was only slightly higher that what I was finding in pre-owned why not go that route.


I ended up on their email list and a couple of weeks later got an email that grabbed my interest, Ford was offering 0% financing for up to 72 months.  Several days later I made an appointment to meet with a sales person and I met Phil. On one of the earlier visits they had found a vehicle that met my requirements and when meeting with Phil found that it was still available, we sat down and filled out the initial paperwork and it was determined that there wasn't any issue with me meeting Ford’s financing offer requirements.


I returned Thursday evening after work where I met with the Financial guy, reviewing options and accessories, and the warranty options. I basically knew I wanted the truck to to be undercoated, the have a bed liner and the bed cover. Once all the options had been discussed I began to sign all the documents. When I left the plan was I would be able to pick it up Friday evening.


After talking with Phil a couple of times on Friday it didn't look good for me to drive away that evening, a delay in picking up the dealer trade, etc., we pretty much left it I would get it on Saturday.


So finally on Saturday I went to look at vehicle and pick it up; as I met Phil in the parking lot we began looking for it. Phil pointed to a vehicle and said, “there it is”. Something to me didn't look right, and upon a closer look I told Phil, this isn't the one. This isn't the right vehicle, at which time he ran off.

A few minutes later I found him in the show room talking to a manager where they met me and explained that the wrong vehicle was picked up from the dealer exchange and that the other dealer now informed them that the vehicle had been sold. WHAT???

Well they had looked and found another vehicle that met my specifications and also had a couple of other options; like the side steps, aluminum wheels, would I be interested in that for the same price. I didn't have to think long, “yes I’ll take it”.


By Monday evening the next week, we had torn the old deal, created a new deal and the unit came in had the accessories added and I drove away.


End result is that I bought a new vehicle instead of a pre owned. With a little patients I got even a better than I had planned with a little more truck  for my $$$ spent. I am very pleased overall, even with the hiccup during the process.


I highly recommend Richmond Ford both their service department and sales departments have taken care of me quite nicely.




So here it is!!!


Ranger-3 04022010_4x6




Ranger-2 04022010_4x6






Ranger-1 04022010_4x6

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Welcome to our Blog; Ramble On, It's Alive

Written By: Bryan Didas on March 5, 2010 Filed In: General

Finally our blog is up and running. It's alive. Welcome!!


Basically this is a collection of postings and stories that Jen and I find interesting and want to share with our family and friends. We are not really sure where this site will go or how much content we will add, but if nothing else it has been a good learning experience setting up this blog and site.


Besides the blog I have mapped out a section to share our pictures, our media library contents, and a food resources area. The media library will contain of listing of what is on our shelves, what we watch and what we are listening to on our IPod's. The food resources area will contain recipes and a dining guide. There may be other sections added as time allows.


So really unless your family or friends most of this site really won't contain much of interest, but feel free to poke around and send a note if there is something you like or if you have any questions.


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